I Am

I Am

The words "I am" are very powerful and creative words. It is how we use these words in our thoughts and our speech that is the creative element in shaping our lives. What I know is that our thoughts are the source of what we create, and the real question that needs to be asked of ourselves is: "What have I created and what thoughts are responsible for what I have created?"

The first step in creating the life of our heart's desire is developing this awareness of the quality of our thoughts. What is it I believe about myself, the people around me and the world? What negative thought patterns do I habitually have in my mind? Do I blame others for my current life, or do I take responsibility for the life I have created? Do I think positive thoughts about my life? Am I grateful or do I feel lacking? The answers to these questions will lead to an awareness of our lives and current circumstances and how they were created. We will discover that if our life is peaceful, well balanced, healthy and fulfilled, the quality of our thoughts are likely to be very positive. If, on the other hand, we are seeing a lack in the things we desire, be it peace, financial abundance, love, etc., it can be assumed that our thoughts are in need of correction. Does our internal dialogue say "I have a great life, I have enough. Life is good, life is easy"? Or does it say, "I am so broke, I am so stressed out, and I am so lonely"? This is the basis of our experience and it will be simple to create the life we truly desire if we improve the quality of our thoughts. We can change things today if we choose.

Speaking as both a coach and client, I have learned the power of the words"I am." They truly do create your entire life experience, and by focusing your attention around how you use them, you can train your mind to be working for you for your greater good. The Buddhists call this mindfulness. Quantum Physics says what you focus on expands. In other words, you create what you think about.

A simple exercise to begin the process of conscious creation would be to find a quiet space. Put on some soothing music or light a candle, whatever gives your body and mind the signal it's time to relax. Perhaps a hot bath is what works for you. Whatever the method, get yourself quiet and comfortable. In a relaxed position, do some deep breathing from the diaphragm. After 3-4 minutes of deep breathing, focus your attention on each part of your body, starting at your toes. With each inhalation, focus on the body part and as you exhale, visualize the release of all tension from this part of your body. Do this with your whole body, working your way up until you reach the crown of your head. Now, from this place of deep relaxation, say the following while focusing on your heart:

I am creating my life. I am a powerful, loving creator. I am creating thoughts of love and peace towards myself and others. I am grateful for all of the abundance in my life. I am spiritually, emotionally, physically abundant. I am attracting all that I desire into my life. I am a living example of how to be as I was created to be. After doing this, you can add your own I am's at the end to focus on a particular area of interest, such as career, finances etc. Try this each day for 30 days and I am sure you will notice tremendous change. They say you cannot change the world around you, but you can certainly change how you see what is around you.

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