US Automaker Layoffs And Economic Vitality In 2006

US Automaker Layoffs And Economic Vitality In 2006

With the downsizing or right sizing as some call it of the United States Automakers one has to wonder how we will be able to replace all those high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector. Did you know that most of the of the General Motors and Ford UAW manufacturing line workers make more than Boeing employees, which make jet airliners?

How on Earth are we suppose to replace 60,000 displaces and laid-off workers at those salary levels? Some say about the only hope as this occurs is the eventuality of fuel prices coming down, emergence of strength in small business thru reduced regulations or re-training for high-tech jobs using some revolutionary learning tools to ramp up fast.

Many believe that they do not see any of this on the local economic horizon in 2006. Other complain that all this is happening as most citizens are 1.5 times annual income in short term debt, not looking so good really. Sixty thousand laid off workers is huge indeed and this is why many feel it could send a shock wave thru real estate, retail and the service sector in those areas within 50 miles of every plant departing the production scene.

Other more optimistic economists believe that this dilemma is fixable, but not short term and not in human terms of standard of living, kids going to college and digging out of debt for those who are without. Some say that small business franchising could take up slack, but the industry is so over-regulated that it is doubtful. Putting 30,000 small businesses thru franchising could be done in those areas in under a year, but we are seeing so many barriers, it is not worth it. Twothousand franchisors putting in 15 units each in those regions is doable actually, too bad for all the over regulation.

Indeed over regulation is what killed the manufacturing sector to begin with as it permeated all sectors which support the manufacturing industry from mining of their raw materials to the abundance of handicap ramps at the dealerships and everything in between. Nobody buys American products in that scenario and we are not fixing the root of the problem that is we attack our own companies here in the United States, with mêlée-mouthed politicians telling us they are protecting us by making all these laws. Yet these lawmakers are really only making these laws to get the votes of the brain-dead masses who want to eat the bread without producing a thing.

This is why so many free-market thinkers say let's get rid of this over regulation, incessant taxation and all these lawyers and then and only then will manufacturing fly again. Every time you reduce costs, improve efficiency or ease the process you can feel a new breath of life in the economic vitality.

Meanwhile some World Economic watchers are taking a closer look at China and warning us to beware. Some say that China is liable to use the GM and other American Corporations as leverage to serve their political real to re-unite Taiwan and that they are playing a chess board the size of a football field as they march there pawns ever so slightly with each rise of the sun. The field is tilting can you hear the creaking sounds? The United States has made a good run for 200-years but has forgotten history and the Roman Decadence of an un-earned utopian vision is getting the best of it.

As for all the critics out there the United States is not down and out and one only needs to look at the scoreboard to see that. Yet many of these folks do make legitimate points in these very serious economic issues, which we must consider as we living in truly historic times. Think on it.

US Automaker Layoffs And Economic Vitality In 2006

US Automaker Layoffs And Economic Vitality In 2006

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