Product Life Cycle Case Study; New Products And Online Ecommerce Sales

Product Life Cycle Case Study; New Products And Online Ecommerce Sales

Have you considered launching a new product? Do you have an idea for a terrific new widget and want to roll it out online to save costs? Have you considered product lifecycles and Ecommerce sales? What if your product is really successful and then sales die off? What will you do to get your sales pumping again? Well you can use informational selling techniques by educating your potential customers. But after your product has really run its course then what?

Well you need a possible side application later, if sales looked like they would peak out, that is to say if you ran up against the standard product life cycle curve and found yourself on the top or going into a downward cycle. Can you add something to your product and call up all your previous customers to alert them? Will they by the new improved widget model? They say it is easier to sell something to previous customers than to new ones.

Sometimes as Business Professors in top Universities will tell you it is often better to start another company and create an offshoot for the new product if it is that much different. You could start a new website, link them together and launch the new product just before you felt you might be 6-months out to getting on the top of the first product curve peak.

Thus piercing the top of the product life cycle curve with a hyperbolic perpendicular break out as it went from flat to exponential growth. (Academically speaking of course). To learn more about product curves search; "Business Product Life Cycle and Product Curve Online."

But if the two products compliment each other or if the two-technologies could be packaged or built into one, then you would want to keep the same single company. Recently I had come up with a theoretic widget product a light for walking or jogging which used the vibrational energy of human motion to power up the little light.

It was later thought that using one of those knee wrap type rubbery devices that prevent injury that we could use the energy and point it facing inward. Thus making a secondary widget using the same electromagnetic generation, energy collection and using it to enhance muscles and prevent fatigue. But then we thought what if?

Well, what if we had the LED light facing out. The light would be switched on to send the energy to the LED instead of back to the desired muscle group during night time use and during the day it would allow the person to workout for longer without injury?

In this case study we see that we could in fact create a new product and we have more options such as;

1.) Package the new product with the old left over unsold widgets.

2.) Creating a whole new company focusing on the Health Care and Sports Industry

3.) Create a secondary website and link them together

4.) Sell them side by side on the current website

It was later realized after analyzing this product that it could be used for numerous other venues such as for astronauts it makes sense due to issues with entropy. It would work well for contestants on the famous Survivor TV Series? It could be used for athletes, hunters, security professionals and even neighborhood watch groups.

Now then should a website be built for each? It surely could be done that way. Or a website with unique sections could also be built. Or one could introduce each new market slowly to keep the product lifecycle fluctuations at a steady climb rather than play hell with quarterly projections.

Not that there are not enough other applications for electromagnetic induction LED lighting to keep this going forever, it is just that this one makes sense for consumers, healthcare rehabilitation, sports, space and military.

There have been many studies on the use of electromagnetic waves for organic growth so why not add another site for Health Care Industry Rehabilitation and link them all together as once the person is back in shape, well they will need to stay there won't they? And for those athletes who work their bodies really hard, well for sure there will be times when injury occurs.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed today's case study on Online and Ecommerce Product Lifecycles with this real world example. Think on it.

Product Life Cycle Case Study; New Products And Online Ecommerce Sales

Product Life Cycle Case Study; New Products And Online Ecommerce Sales

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